xLabs Receives Wormhole Foundation Grant to Become Core Contributor

xLabs Receives Wormhole Foundation Grant to Become Core Contributor

At xLabs, our mission is to empower builders to craft inspiring experiences that unlock access to a universal, open, and sovereign financial system. Achieving this mission is challenged by a fragmented web3 landscape, with value divided across multiple networks. While a byproduct of the diverse needs and trade-offs of different blockchains, this division restricts apps from tapping into value across networks, limiting their growth and impact. To break down these barriers and amplify our mission, we're excited to announce that xLabs is joining Wormhole as a Core Contributor. This collaboration is possible thanks to a grant from the Wormhole Foundation, enabling us to accelerate our shared vision for a seamless, multi-chain future.

Who are we?

Broadly, we are a team of engineers whose lives have been transformed by cryptocurrency. Our personal experiences fuel our passion and drive our mission. While many in Web3 are still searching for their purpose, we are living ours. Most of our team bank in crypto and use it in their everyday lives. We are relentlessly committed to empowering builders of the decentralized web by building, running, and maintaining core infrastructure for the internet of value. We are focused on building and providing critical infrastructure and open-source software to support the ecosystem and bring with us a wealth of experience contributing to infrastructure and DeFi projects in Ethereum, Solana, and Algorand.

What are we building?

As builders, we have rich knowledge in building blockchain technology, which spans running nodes and relayers to building core infrastructure, smart contracts, and web applications across different technologies such as Ethereum (EVMs), Solana, and Algorand.

By leveraging our expertise, we have already made significant and numerous contributions to Wormhole, including: building WormholeScan - an explorer where users and developers can find deep-dive their Wormhole-related transaction data, contributing to the Portal Token Bridge front-end, providing development work for Wormhole Connect, and designing and operating numerous relayers that enable users and developers to have a seamless experience when moving value across blockchains.

We look forward to continuing to contribute to building, maintaining, and operating the infrastructure that will enable the cross-chain future.

Where do we go from here?

The future is multi-chain, and there is a tremendous opportunity to connect users, data, and value across chains securely. We are thrilled to be working with numerous other teams to build Wormhole into the best cross-chain messaging protocol and help make the multi-chain future a reality!

About xLabs

xLabs is a collective of exceptional engineers hailing from regions where the transformative power of cryptocurrency is not just a concept but a daily reality. We are a community of crypto natives living and breathing the very solutions that this technology offers, and our mission is to empower builders to craft inspiring experiences that facilitate access to a universal, open, and sovereign financial system. If you want to help build the future with us, consider applying for any of our open roles or follow us on Twitter or GitHub.

About Wormhole Foundation

The Wormhole Foundation is the steward of Wormhole - the world’s first generalized messaging protocol. Their mission is to empower passionate people in the research and development of blockchain interoperability technologies. Through grants, research, and ecosystem programs, the Wormhole Foundation seeks to enable teams to build secure, open-source, and decentralized products within the Wormhole ecosystem.